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Fashion & Unique Rings

If necklaces frame the neck and earrings frame the face, it's a ring's job to make the hands look beautiful. Today's fashion rings are noticeable from a mile away with their huge crystal and gold embellishments. These rings might not be made of the real thing, but they certainly look it with all the sparkle and rhinestone styles.

One of the best things about rings is that they can be worn just about anywhere during any occasion. Even if a ring is huge and might be considered costume jewelry, it's still possible to wear these brazen and celebrity inspired styles to work. Unique rings might be crafted into a striking design of an engraving of a lion on it, or they might be a little more subtle, like a silver stretch ring that winds its way up the finger.

One style of ring that would probably fit best with the no-holds-barred style of a fashion icon like Rihanna, or the truly unique style of Nicki Minaj, would be a hand chain ring that features a gold rope to connect a ring and a bracelet. There are also trendy rings that are so large that they reach up to the knuckle and would probably need to be paired with some hefty chain necklaces or substantial earrings.

Spiked, Cuffed, Stone Jewelry & More

There are also many delicate styles of rings that might be appropriate for a cocktail party as well as rings that are a little more adventurous and might say something like "bad" or "sexy." Although a ring is a piece of an ensemble that women have a little more freedom with, as far as overall style is concerned, one terrific feature of beautifully gaudy rings is that they're a perfect way to immediately dress up a calm and composed outfit.

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