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Fashion & Trendy Necklaces

It's easy to be jealous of celebrities, singers, and celebutants who have access to their very own stylist, the coolest fashions, and trendy necklaces. Trendsetters like Beyonce and Rihanna get just about as many comments on their fashion choices as they do their gorgeous voices and songs. For anyone who knows where to look, copying celebrity style isn't too difficult to do, whether it's for a swanky cocktail party or a night at the club.

Choosing celebrity fashion necklaces is only difficult because there are so many styles. Anyone who wants to emulate her favorite performer will want to check out glittering choker necklaces with strands of pearl and gold that create a vivid fashion statement. Ladies who want to get a little daring with her style might want to check out a leather spike collar or multi-stone choker.

Remember that different body types may look best with a particular style of necklace. Necklaces are often a major part of any jewelry set and all other design decisions will stem from what a woman chooses to wear around her neck. Women who were blessed with an oval face are lucky because they can wear just about any necklace, whether it's a chunky strand with tons of gemstones, or a long chain with a single pendant or charm at the bottom.

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Women who have a heart-shaped face will probably want to stick with a short choker necklaces that are thick and beaded, and create a nice balance at the narrow part of the head near the chin. A woman with a pear-shaped face, on the other hand, who might have a wider jaw, would probably want to stick to long, multi-chain necklaces that draw attention away from the jaw line.

Likewise, anyone who has a square face will probably want to stick with necklace costume jewelry that's rather long in length; however, a short multi-chain necklace may also flatter a square face. Anyone who has a rectangular face will probably also want to try out a necklaces with many strands or stones.