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Fashion & Trendy Bracelets

Fashion bracelets today are designed as bangles, bracelets, and cuffs, and there's definitely a bracelet out there that will suit any type of personality. From leather bracelets that might look appropriate on the arm of a skater chic to a hip hop inspired bracelet that says "love" in beautifully large rhinestone letters, today's bracelets are a large and vivid way to accentuate a woman's personal style.

It's not uncommon for the trendy bracelets that grace the arms of celebrities like Sophia Vergara, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry to eventually find their way to retail jewelry stores, but without the price tag that those famous performers usually have to pay for their jewelry. Although it's certainly possible to head down the route of haute couture and pay a huge amount of money for a beautiful bracelet, it's much easier to get women's bracelets that are simply inspired by celebrity, instead of actually coming from the performer's arm.

Some of the recent styles seen on celebrity arms in recent months have been chunky bracelets made of giant beads and twisted loops that make an eye-catching statement on anyone's arm. These bead bracelets often have beads that are so big that there's usually only between 11 and 15 beads on a single bracelet, instead of the 40 or 50 that might end up on a stretch bracelet with tiny rows of beads.

Wood, Cuff, Chain Link, Bangle & More

Another terrifically popular style these days that's started showing up on the dance floor at local nightclubs is the leather statement bracelet that usually has big buckles or buttons of silver and gold surrounding the band. These club appropriate bracelets won't fall off during an evening of dancing and may be worn with any of the popular club clothing styles of today, which often feature skintight leather and body-hugging style.